Gather your party

an epic online adventure awaits you
in virtual reality

Release date to be announced
For PCVR and PSVR2

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Play with your friends, meet everyone

Cities and outposts are social hub with spacialized voice chat. Meet up at the local tavern, make new friends, create a guild ! Trade, craft and form a party from 1 to 4 players to explore the world together !

Combat : from goblins to legendary dragon

Fight powerful and epic monsters with a lot a variety and making full use of VR strengths ! Dodge, parry, move around your target and use special abilities including magic and a wide range of weapons. Face dangerous foes with advanced combat mechanics and no forced grind.

Yellow markings on ground indicate an imminent violent attack on that spot ; avoid it !

Complex story : supported by a rich lore and playable in coop

Help saving Aelys from a tragedy whose scope goes far beyond anything you could imagine. Don’t worry, you wont be alone. Endearing characters, unexpected twists ; all supported by voice dubbing of the main story and numerous possible interactions with a lore-filled world.

Dungeons & Exploration

Explore a high fantasy world that is a feast for your eyes, find hidden puzzles and gatherable ressources. Adventure with 4 players in dungeons filled with dangers and treasures.

Talents & specializations : your character, your way of figthing

Progress through 50 character levels, learn new abilities and unlock specializations, our original class system allowing you to adjust how want to fight. Loot equipments and become a powerful mage or an unstoppable tank. You prefer to avoid dangerous fights ? Pick a bow, discretion talents and start hunting preys to get money from their fur and meat.

Housing & Crafting

Buy a flat or a house ! Decorate it how you want with your trophies and crafted goods. Make the house public to create a club, keep it private to have a meeting room with your friends to talk about a difficult boss strategy ! Equip it with a shared media screen to watch video stream together or do some coworking in a neat environment !