Game Q&A

1) Is it an MMO (massively multiplayer online) ?

In cities and outposts it is like an MMO ; you can meet hundreds of players, socialize, trade and create a party. But when you leave the city, it is instanced. It’s your party against the wild.

2) When it will be released ?

When it’s done.
We want to take our time to make the game as good as possible. It will also depends a lot on the support we get from the community, investors, and how many developpers we can hire.

3) How much it will cost ? Is it sub-based ?

It’s “Buy To Play”.
You will need to buy the game, then there are NO subscription fees. For the price expect something between 25 and 40 USD/EUR.

4) On which plateform it will be playable ?

PC and PSVR2.
We aim to make the game compatible with all major “tethered” headsets of the market. Including SteamVR, Oculus Rift, WMR (but also Quest using “Link” !). It is likely to be published on Steam, Playstation Store and Oculus Store.

5) How can I buy it ? How can I play ?

The game is still in its early development and is not playable yet. Follow our news here or on social networks to stay in touch (links at the bottom of the page). Join us on Discord to chat with us !

6) Does it have Player versus Player content ?

Currently the game is 100% Player versus Environment. We may consider PvP but only post-release in a content update.

7) Is a cash-shop planned ?

Yes !
With cosmetic items like minipets, capes and few “Quality of Life” items like account bank expansion or additional character slot. No P2W !
We are strictly against that : NO boosters, NO items with stats on it, NO real life money to in-game money transactions. The revenues we get from the cash-shop will help us paying the server infrastructure and work on more content for the game.

8) Are the best looking equipments in the cash shop ?

Armor and weapon skins are not planned for the cash shop. We believe that the best looking equipment must be acquired in game. Player’s progression must be visible on the character, it is part of the reward for defeating the strongest foes.
Cosmetic items only adds some flavour : capes, tattoos, pouches and various visual accessories that come on top of the armor.

9) Can I play solo ?

Yes !
The game scales with the amount of players during the main story quest and world exploration. But note that some content like dungeons are designed to be done with more players and does not scale. You can still enjoy most of the game as solo player.

10) Can I play offline ?

Maps, characters, inventories and overall progression, are saved on our servers. The game can’t work without them. We plan to add ways to be more “sneaky”, if you want to avoid social interaction while playing.

11) Are content planned for post-release ?

Yes !
Like most online game-services, once we hit the release, we will work on additional content. Including free content patches, improvements, QoL, new ways to play and bigger paid expansions if everything goes well.

12) What are the recommended PC specs to play ?

To be announced.
This is a multiplayer VR game with vast environments. We will do everything we can to optimize the game but in this context, it will require some GPU power client side.

13) Is it playable without VR ?

The game is built from the ground for VR. A non-VR version is currently not planned.

14) Is it playable on stand-alone headsets (like Meta Quest) ?

Currently, no. But later, yes.
You can play on Quest by using “link” or “air link”. That said, we’d really like to create a specific stand-alone version (for Quest 3 in priority). Problem is, it’s a lot of work and can be complicated to work on all version simultaneously. So we plan to work on the stand-alone version later, when the PC and PSVR2 versions are getting stable.

15) Are more features planned for the game ? Like mounts, naval combat, minipet battle, … ?

Yes ! But …
Instead of making 20 half-baked features, we prefer to focus on fewer for now and make them excellent. Once we are happy with them, we’ll work on additionnal features.

16) Are the current graphics definitive ?

At the beginning of the alpha, the priority is the technical challenges. Many 3D models are placeholder while our artists work on the definitive version. For example, all human characters (including players) will be greatly improved, they don’t look great right now. Shaders and light rendering may also change while we work on optimisation.

Misc Q&A

1) I’m a content creator on Twitch / Youtube, can you share some stuff with me ?

Please contact us by email at contact@farworld-studio.net for this kind of question.
It is a bit early for us to do this kind of promotion, but give us a link to your channel and we’ll see what offer we can make to you !

2) How can I contact you ?

If it is about an account or game issue, please open a ticket so we can redirect it to the correct member of the team. For other subjects, send us an email at contact@farworld-studio.net.

3) How is the development funded ?

The two cofounders invested personnal savings to work on the concept and start early developments. But this is far, far from beeing enough money for a project of this scope.

We are now looking for the community to help us, we hope that all the work we’ve shown so far (with only about 2 people) will convince you that we are very serious about it and that we are capable of creating this game.

The Kickstarter will also probably not be enough to fully fund the game as we all want it. But if the Kickstarter is a success, we expect investors and/or editors to be much more convinced by the game. It should help us greatly to unlock the needed full funding.

4) What’s the current team size ?

Very small.
This is only the beginning, the team is small, the project is big. This is why we are looking for financial help to recruit more people.
We currently are :
2 working at full-time on the project.
~ 5 people helping when they can on their free time and willing to switch full-time when the funding is here.

But rest assured, we are well surrounded by people used to launching businesses and have good contacts with other video game studios.

5) What are your main inspirations for this game ?

Maaaany things.
If we have to only give few ; Guild Wars 1 for the instancing and story systems, Final Fantasy XIV for many features (AoE markers, teleport, dungeons, boss combat style and housing systems) but also japanese animation like Sword Art Online and of course, VRChat.