Our Kickstarter reached its goal with 12 days left !

🎉We’ve made it, the Ascent Quest Kickstarter meet its 30.000€ goal, with 12 days left!🎉

📈 Our community is growing fast and we are receiving lots of positive feedback. Thank you everyone for your support but also for sharing this campaign with all your friends and networks! This is a very important step in creating a fantastic game in the growing virtual reality market. We are also lucky to have interested several super-backers without whom this campaign would not have been the same success!

🎮 Seeing this enthusiasm for a project that was still almost unknown two months before (yes, it was a risky Kickstarter), goes straight to our hearts and we will do everything in our power to meet the expectations of our players.

⌛ The campaign is still running until january 25, it’s not too late to participate in this incredible adventure and unlock some stretch goals together!