The Ascent Quest account portal is now available!

Hi dear adventurers,

We have just released the account portal page on our website!
For the moment, this portal mainly allows you to consult and modify most of your personal information. You can already create an account even if you don’t own the game or a Kickstarter pack.

This portal will receive successive updates in the future to become a tool allowing you to manage your entire account including :

  • Choosing what emails you want to receive from us.
  • Managing MFA (multifactor authentication).
  • Buy game pack, including for the testing-phases.
  • Buy gems (the currency used for microtransactions).
  • Link your PSN and/or Steam account.
  • Have an invoice history of your purchases.
  • Other features in the more distant future.

Access it using this address :
Or in the top menu of the website.

If you have a Kickstarter pack, when creating your account, be sure to use the same email address than the one you’ve sent us in the survey at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise, your pledge rewards won’t be associated correctly.
If you have changed your email address since then and don’t see your rewards, please send a message to specifying your pledge information (username, date of the pledge, pledge number) as well as your new email address so that we can make the modification.

Why do I need to create an account?

As an online game service, Ascent Quest store your characters, inventories and optional paid services on our servers. Including private data needed for payments and communication. Those data must be editable by you and of course, protected. This is why an account portal is necessary and will also be needed to connect to the game.

Several updates are planned for this portal. At some point you will be able to link it to your preferred platform so you can login with Steam or PSN when starting the game.

Thank you for following us in this journey!

Data privacy
We, at Farworld Studio, are committed to protect your privacy. Your personal data will never be shared, sold, or rented to third parties without your explicit consent. We use your information solely to enhance our services and the security of your account. You have the right to request modifications or deletion at any time by using the portal or contacting us at