We did it ! It’s the end of this successful Kickstarter campaign ! What’s next ?

Thanks to the help of 317 contributors, we gathered 36.682€ in 45 days. We would like to thank you for the trust you place in us. The ball is now in our court to deliver the best possible game to you!

When will you get your rewards?

We will send end-of-campaign survey to all contributors in the next 24 hours. It will allow us to deliver the rewards you all expect! We thank you in advance for completing these forms as soon as possible.

The first rewards that will arrive in the coming days will be Discord roles, including the access to the Arcanum Council where we will, soon enough, post new exclusive information about the game to ignite some game-design discussions. In several months, when we have finished preparation work, we will send you an email to tell you where and how to create your Ascent Quest game account. It will be with this account that you will then be able to connect to future alpha and beta if you have subscribed to these rewards.

For in-game cosmetic items, they will be unlocked automatically on your account as soon as possible, most likely towards the end of the beta.

For the few people who have decided to adopt the figurine, it will be sent to you in 2025, the time to complete its design and creation with our manufacturer.

Finally, for super-contributors, we will contact you directly by email in the coming months, in order to discuss together the appearance that your statue will take in the biggest city of the game. We will also organize together your visit to our studio in France once we are well settled.

What will happen now?

Now that this campaign is a success, we have a lot of work to do! First, the funds will allow us to invest in some equipment so that we can work more efficiently. These include good development servers. I can tell you that we badly need them …

Then, as indicated in our campaign, we are launching a private fundraising campaign which will allow us to further strengthen the team with private financial partners as well as new developers and artists.

As soon as possible, we will have to find new premises and ensure that the entire team is in optimal conditions to work on the project.

During this period, there will be a lot of administrative stuff and organization to put in place. But rest assured, we will always find time to keep you informed of the progress of the project as a whole! Whether here on the website, in Kickstarter updates, on Discord or on social networks. Besides, don’t hesitate to join us on those social media!

Thanks again everyone and see you soon!

Bonus Draken teaser!