Devlog #5 is out !

Hi dear members of the community!

It’s finally here, the new Devlog! Following the previous one talking about the character progression itself with “talents”, in this one, we present the “specializations”; our way to integrate classes in the game. As usual, everything shown is still in development and may change a lot, or at least, will be improved a lot. We’ve already presented how it work in a previous article, but with this video it should be easier to understand and you can see it in action.

We are currently very busy at the studio. As we expected, the success of the Kickstarter engaged a lot of stuff to do. We’re trying our best to push more content toward you and we’ll do better once all our administrative and organizational work will be mostly done (expect several weeks). So please enjoy this video and don’t hesitate to comment on Youtube, Discord or other social media. We may not always answer, but we try to read everything!

Thank you for your support!